Will I get through to a central call office?

NO, we are a family run medium sized construction firm, on a telephone you will get through to reception or one of our construction managers directly. Who will be able to help you further with any enquiry.

How do I go about getting a quotation for my work?

Please either email us, or give us a quick call. We are very willing to help, and happy to provide assistance for any quotation needed.

What sort of information do I need to provide for my project?

Any information that involves a breakdown of the work involved, such as working drawings, a schedule of works and any contract particulars you may have. All of these items can aid us in supplying you with a formal quotation.

Do you work on day work rates?

Some smaller projects lean more towards a day work rate, purely due to the type of work involved, this is usually items that are unspecified, or largely un-known to how long a particular task may take. This method could workout cheaper for the client.

I have architect drawings, what do I do now?

You can forward us any architectural drawings, and we will usually make a site visit to meet with the client, and run through the works and specifications. We like to keep communication open as much as possible, and our aim is to deliver exactly what our clients require.

I would like an extension to our house or offices. Do you do architectural drawings?

We are not qualified architects but we can do design and build, we can provide a certain level of architectural drawings in house. But for projects such as, dwelling extensions, where planning permission is needed. We will forward one of our out of house highly skilled architects to assist you.

Do you work with listed buildings?

Yes we can work with any building.

. Our house or offices need a gentle refurbishment, carpeting and various maintenance work, do you do this?

Yes, we have a large client base, to which we have provided any and all home and office refurbishment and fit out works. Private homes, offices, schools, universities you name it we are perfectly suited to handle all this type of work.

Are you a main contractor? Or do you work for larger companies on much larger scale projects?

Skyfix & Co. Ltd. are a main contractor company, with the ability to contract manage/ project manage any project we are involved with.