Our commitment to quality is obvious in every project we undertake and in each item we manufacture - in their superb appearance and long-lasting performance. We invite you to learn more about our company, products, such as finished samples, installation and certification.

Service to Specifiers Our sales representatives are on hand to offer competitive prices, assist you with specification, advice and technical queries. Product presentations can be arranged in order to evaluate each product and help with selecting material and finishes. 

Enquiries All enquiries should be addressed to Estimating Department and can be e-mailed to or forwarded by post. Initial enquiries should indicate the required specification, include plans and sectional drawings of the project in order to define the scope of work and interface details.

Quotation Following receipt of an enquiry a written quotation is compiled including a specification, priced Bill pages and terms of delivery. 

Management When appointed, our Contracts Department takes over the scheme to establish program particulars and ensure the contract is professionally managed throughout all stages to delivery and installation.

Installation Skyfix & Co. Ltd. is a FENSA registered company.
Our team will make installation as easy and hassle free. 
Additional Warranties/Insurances to be added with description below.

  • * 30 years against rot and fungal decay;
  • * 7 years against manufacturing defects;
  • * 7 years against ironmongery defects;
  • * 5 years against paint defects;
  • * 10 years against glass defects;

On top of all our warranties we offer Insurance Backed guarantee absolutely free.

Manufacturing Skyfix’s products are highly engineered and factory finished, requiring only installation on site by our specialist team. Our processing accuracy allows production to CAD drawings. Following the Architect's approval of details, all materials proceed into manufacture. 

Delivery All manufactured products will be delivered to sites across the entire UK. ready for installation.


* Your dreams are our business

  • * Committed, reliable and approachable
  • * An eye for precision and detail
  • * Unique designs and solutions to any project
  • * Prompt and personal service
  • * Always creating something different, unique and inspiring
  • * Highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced team.