Walk on glass floors by Skyfix & Co. Ltd

Glass flooring is always going to make a bold statement in a building whether on a mezzanine floor, a room within a room, an internal or external balcony. Providing a natural source of daylight and really opening up a space to provide a sense of quality and awe. Skyfix manufactures glass floors to any specification ensuring that all safety requirements have been met.
The Skyfix MAGIC Walk-On glass roof light is ideal for roof terraces or interior ceilings where obtaining light below is required. Using aluminium profile and silicone sealed edges; a complete flush finish is obtained. Sandblasting or acid etching can be added to create an obscure finish. Colour electric lighting can be added for ambiance or extra sophistication; switch the light on for privacy or switch the light off for a clearer view between floors.
The Skyfix Magic Walk-on glass roofs have the same key features of the standard Walk-on glass roofs.