timber by skyfix & co ltd

Whether choosing hard wood or soft wood, Skyfix vertical sliding sash window is the product of an extensive collaboration between our technicians and consultant architect to ensure that our box sash reproduces, as faithfully as possible, the simple grace of English sash windows.
Our timber or Aluminium bi-fold sliding doors make a unique design statement. The doors stack compactly to the side to allow complete opening of the aperture.
Our sliding sash or casement windows combine an authentic period feel with all the practical benefits of modern windows designed to enhance any development. The style of the window is specified to match local architectural style and planning requirements.

Skyfix timber windows features stepped sashes for improved performance, yet retains traditional sight lines. Both sashes have the feature of tilting inwards for easy cleaning and maintenance ideal in the social housing market. All our top sashes have traditional ‘horns’ as standard, however, a no-horn option is available.